Future Prospects of Lithuanian Family Physicians: a 10-year Forecasting Study

This study analyzes the Lithuanian family physician (FP) workforce to determine if an adequate supply of FPs will be available in the future to take over emerging tasks. The authors conclude that despite the rapid expansion of the FP workforce during the last fifteen years, forecasts of supply and demand indicate that the number of FPs in 2015 will not be sufficient. [adapted from author]

Inter-Country Comparison of Unofficial Payments: Results of a Health Sector Social Audit in the Baltic States

This article presents the results of a 2002 social audit of the health sector of three Baltic States. Comparisons were made of perceptions, attitudes and experience regarding unofficial payments in the health services of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The findings can serve as a baseline for interventions and to compare each country’s approach to health service reform in relation to unofficial payments. [adapted from abstract]