Dominican Republic Improves Access to Health Services by Strengthening Human Resources Management

In the Dominican Republic, the Ministry of Health is improving to access to high-quality health services by focusing on the health workforce and, in particular, the systems used to manage these valuable human resources. One important outcome has been the discovery of a large number of people on the payroll who were no longer working. The money saved by cleaning the payroll is being reinvested into the health sector. [from resource]

Dominica: Caribbean Region HIV and AIDS Service Provision Assessment Survey 2005

The HIV/AIDS Service Provision Assessment (HSPA) was developed to assess the
quality and capacity of HIV and AIDS-related services in high prevalent situations. information on both basic and advanced level HIV and AIDS services and the availability of recordkeeping systems for monitoring HIV and AIDS care and support. Within the Caribbean region, there is a concern for the recent training of health professionals who provide HIV and AIDS services, for health worker attitudes towards people living with HIV and AIDS and for patient movement within the region. The Dominica HSPA captured information on these region-specific indicators in addition to the standard HSPA indicators.