Cost-Effectiveness of Improving Health Care to People with HIV in Nicaragua

Nurses need to participate in CPE to update their knowledge and increase their competencies. This research was carried out to explore their current practice and the future general needs for CPE. [from abstract]

Current Continuing Professional Education Practice among Malaysian Nurses

This cross-sectional descriptive study involved registered nurses from government hospitals and health clinics from Peninsular Malaysia. Multistage cluster sampling was used to recruit 1000 nurses from four states of Malaysia. [from abstract]

Individual Skills Based Volunteerism and Life Satisfaction among Healthcare Volunteers in Malaysia: Role of Employer Encouragement, Self-Esteem and Job Performance, A Cross-Sectional Study

The purpose of this paper is to analyze two important outcomes of individual skills-based volunteerism, job performance and life satisfaction, among healthcare volunteers in Malaysia. [adapted from abstract]

I Feel It Is Not Enough: Health Providers' Perspectives on Services for Victims of Intimate Partner Violence in Malaysia

This study explores the views and attitudes of health providers in Malaysia towards intimate partner violence and abused women and considers whether and how their views affect the provision or quality of services. [from abstract]

Teaching Medical Students Neonatal Resuscitation: Knowledge Gained and Retained from a Brief Simulation-based Training Workshop

This study assessed the effectiveness of a neonatal resuscitation training workshop for final-year medical students in Malaysia in improving knowledge immediately post-training and at the end of the year. [adapted from abstract]

Pharmaceutical Care Issues Identified by Pharmacists in Patients with Diabetes, Hypertension or Hyperlipidaemia in Primary Care Settings

This study demonstrates the importance of pharmacists working in collaboration with other healthcare providers, especially medical doctors, in identifying and resolving pharmaceutical care issues to provide optimal care for patients with chronic diseases. [from author]

Community-Based Blood Pressure Measurement by Non-Health Workers Using Electronic Devices: A Validation Study

Qualified health workers are expensive and often unavailable for blood pressure screening. In a poor, urban community the authors compared blood pressure measurements taken by non-health workers using electronic devices against qualified health workers. [from abstract]

Integrated Health Sector Response to Violence against Women in Malaysia: Lessons for Supporting Scale Up

Malaysia has been at the forefront of the development and scale up of an integrated health sector model that provides comprehensive care to women and children experiencing physical, emotional and sexual abuse. This study explored the strengths and challenges faced during the scaling up of the model to two states in Malaysia in order to identify lessons for supporting successful scale-up. [from abstract]

Evaluation of the Management of Sexually Transmitted Infection (STIS) by Private Practioners in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

The objective of this article was to determine the current practices of private practitioners for the management of STIs in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, evaluation of pharmacotherapy for STIs in private clinics and to ascertain the management of STIs compared to standard guidelines. [from author]