Could You Be a Health Worker in Liberia?

This 6 minute video tells the story of six British health workers that went to Liberia to see what life was like for their African colleagues. In a country recovering from civil war, they met doctors, nurses and midwives doing everything they could to save children’s lives. [adapted from publisher]

Policy Options to Attract Nurses to Rural Liberia: Evidence from a Discrete Choice Experiment

A discrete choice experiment was used to test how nurses and certified midwives in Liberia would respond to alternative policies being considered by the ministry of health and social welfare to predict the share of nurses and certified midwives who would accept a job in a rural area under different schemes. [from abstract]

Getting Health Workers to Rural Areas: Innovative Analytic Work to Inform Policy Making

This paper presents results of an empirical study conducted in Liberia and Vietnam using a discrete choice experiment (DCE) which aimed to predict the likelihood of health workers taking up a rural area job under alternative incentive schemes.

Task Analysis: An Evidence-Based Methodology for Strengthening Education and Training of Nurses and Midwives in Liberia

A task analysis survey of health workers in Liberia was conducted to determine how often recently graduated health workers perform tasks from the basic package of health services, and whether training was received for these tasks either in school or on the job. This paper focuses on nurse and midwife cadres and describe the: implementation of the study in Liberia; key findings and analysis of select clinical tasks; and recommendations for improving and integrating educational programs. [adapted from abstract]

Rebuilding Human Resources for Health: A Case Study from Liberia

This paper illustrates the process, successes, ongoing challenges and current strategies Liberia has used to increase and improve HRH since the end of a 14-year cival war, particularly the nursing workforce. [adapted from abstract]

Efficiency and Effectiveness of Aid Flows Towards Health Workforce Development: Exploratory Study Based on Four Case Studies from Ethiopia, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Liberia and Mozambique

This paper reflects an initial review of aid effectiveness in relation to human resources for health. It asks whether the recent aid effectiveness agenda, as expressed in commitments made to the Paris Declaration, is responding appropriately to the specific needs of HRH and countries’ efforts to strengthen and scale up human resources. [from author]

Calculating Human Resource Need

Who will you need, when will you need them, can you afford them? This toolkit, recently developed for use in Liberia, can substantially assist the process. [from author]

Building Capacity in Health Facility Management: Guiding Principles for Skills Transfer in Liberia

This article describes a health management delivery program in which north and south institutions collaborated to integrate classroom and field-based training in health management and to transfer the capacity for sustaining management development in Liberia. [adapted from abstract]