Framework for the Development of Human Resources in the Pharmaceutical Sector

This report describes key pharmaceutical human resource issues, the proceeding of the pharmaceutical human resources consultation meeting, steps leading to the development of the human resources strategy and the pharmaceutical human resources strategy framework which sets out a strategic agenda for action to address capacity issues in the pharmaceutical sector. [adapted from introduction]

National Human Resources for Health Strategic Plan for Sudan 2012-2016

This strategic plan for HRH in Sudan is introduced with the aim of guiding the efforts and further work in developing human resource plans at different levels of the health system in a comprehensive approach that considers all dimensions of HRH. The plan defines the priorities of HR issues; and accordingly recommends strategic goals and objectives to revive and improve HRH policies, planning, production, distribution and HR management systems to improve individual performance and training services. [from summary]

Assessment of Human Resources at the Pharmaceutical Sector

The main objective of this assessment was to determine human resources availability in the pharmaceutical sector in Sudan. The assessment was done in six states and included the Ministry of Health and its agencies, pharmacy education providers, public health facilities, private retail pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and local pharmaceutical companies. [adapted from author]

Continuing Professional Development Policy (Sudan)

This document aims to serve as a policy guide for the provision of continuing professional development (CPD) to health care professionals affiliated with Federal and State ministries of Health in Sudan. This policy framework sets regulations, standards and norms. [adapted from author]

Building Bridges to Sustainable Human Resources for Health Development: Annual Report 2012

This aim of this report is to document the goals, contributions and achievements of the Directorate General of Human Resources for Health Development (DGHRD). The report is in three sections: an introduction to HRH with reference to its importance to the health system; annual plans, achievements and drawbacks of the institutes and sub-directorates in 2012; the DGHRD vision for 2013 and statement on the way forward. [adapted from author]