Resource Spotlight: One Student, One Family Program: Health Sciences Fostering Communities and Professionals

Waiting for a health worker in Kenya
One student, one family

This presentation outlines the methodology, aims and results of a highly successful and innovative program of pre-service health education at Lurio University in Mozambique. The program links future health professionals with the community by assigning each student to a family. The student monitors the family’s health status and analyzes the social, economic and cultural aspects impacting on the individuals’s and family health such as education and nutrition. The student does family visits throughout the course of the degree and delivers health promotion and education messages, targeting individual members and the family.

The program also provides students with opportunities for meetings in the local community about health subjects, health promotion and disease prevention interventions, and promotes research with direct results on families and communities. The curriculum aims to develop students who are prepared for professional activities and understand the importance of health education and disease prevention, as well as improved health for the families and communities that participate. [adapted from author]

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