Maternal & Childhealth Advocacy International offering two free manuals on maternal health


Maternal & Childhealth Advocacy International is placing a textbook and related pocketbook available free of charge on its website.

The books Maternal & Child Health Care: a practical manual for hospitals worldwide and Pocket Book of Hospital Care for Maternal Emergencies including Major Trauma and Neonatal Resuscitation can be read and downloaded as a PDF at this link:!pdf-downloads-for-textbook--pocket-book/cja0

The books can be downloaded in their entirety or viewed as entire books or broken up into chapters. Those who have financial means can also purchase these books – and many others within the MCAI catalog.

MCAI explained on the Health Information for All website:

Written and reviewed by over 100 experts from around the world, including several HIFA members, the textbook is written specifically for health workers treating pregnant women and adolescents, their newborn infants, and children admitted to hospitals in countries all over the world. Based on the latest evidence, including Cochrane Reviews and WHO Guidelines, the textbook identifies an internationally applicable, minimum standard of care in poorly-resourced hospitals and reflects the management of problems often inherent in resource-limited countries.

The pocketbook is a summarised version of the maternal and neonatal resuscitation sections of the textbook. It compliments the reference textbook but is also a stand-alone product.

Although intended to be most helpful to health workers working in low-income settings, the textbook and pocketbook contain up to date evidence based material of value world-wide.

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