Resource Spotlight: Offline eLearning for Undergraduates in Health Professions: A Systematic Review of the Impact on Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Satisfaction

Photo by Ambuj Saxena
Photo by Ambuj Saxena

Could offline eLearning be a superior method than teaching health undergraduate students through traditional means?

That's what a group of researchers attempted to find out. Many universities have attempted to implement eLearning programs to make up for a lack of teachers and to reduce instruction costs. Students like eLearning because they don’t have to travel long distances to study and learn.

One problem with computer-based learning is students need reliable access to the internet. How can eLearning be successful in internet resource-limited settings?

The researchers found.

Offline computer–based eLearning delivered through eg, a CD–ROM or USB stick, for example, can be particularly efficient in increasing the accessibility, quality and availability of health related education within limited costs in remote areas with limited teaching staff, equipment, technological infrastructures and resources available.

Read the resource on offline eLearning for health undergraduate students.

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