Resource Spotlight: African Christian Health Associations: Joining Forces for Improving Human Resources for Health

African CHA © Capacity Project
African CHA © Capacity Project

Since 2000, many Christian Health Associations (CHAs) have become increasingly concerned that there are not enough qualified professional health staff at all levels of health provision. CHAs’ member facilities face out-migration of health workers, either from the faith-based organization (FBO) health care facilities to public or private facilities within the country, or to better opportunities abroad. With the increase in major donor funding and forgiveness of national debts, governments now have additional resources to change the personnel incentive packages in the public sector. FBO facilities cannot match these incentive packages because their traditional partners have changed their focus and no longer provide the level of financial and personnel (missionary) support as in the past. Therefore, the CHAs have been working to develop and implement alternative retention strategies to minimize out-migration. [from introduction]

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