Advanced Search Help


The advanced search is designed to help you refine your search for resources by allowing you to limit the results and search by key categories such as publisher and date.

Find content by keyword

Similar to the simple search, type a word or phrase in the search box. To search for an exact phrase, put quotation marks around the words. For example, typing World Health Organization without quotation marks will return resources that contain any of the three words, but typing "World Health Organization" will return only resources that have the three words together.

Find content by category

The other search option is to look for resources by category. You can specify which HRH Global Resource Center subjects or geographic areas are of interest to you. To select more than one, hold the Ctrl button while clicking.

The radio buttons at the top allow you to specify how the category search works:

Select In all of the selected categories to see resources that must contain all the terms you select to limit your results. Select In at least one of the selected categories to see resources that contain any one of the subject or geographic terms you select.

Use In all of the selected categories to make your search more specific. For example, to find Education and Training resources from South Africa, select Education and Training as a subject term and South Africa as a geographic term, and then click In all of the selected categories.

Use In at least one of the selected categories to find resources about several topics at once. For example, if you were interested in seeing resources on Productivity, Motivation and Staff Performance click each of those items in the "Subject" box and use the In all of the selected categories option to get results for any documents that are about one of these topics.

Use the Include sub-categories checkbox to expand your search to all the subject or geographic terms underneath a main heading. For example, if you leave this box checked and select Education and Training, your search results would also include all entries for the sub-categories such as Continuing Education, Curriculum, etc,

Using the Limiting Fields

The advanced search has a number of limit fields to help you refine your search or to allow you to search by other key categories of interest.

Limit by Publisher allows you to type in the name of the publishing organization. In general, the HRH Global Resource Center uses the full name of the publisher and not the acronym. For example, use “World Health Organization,” not “WHO.” Please be aware that resource records for journal articles do not list the publisher, only the journal title. Use the Limit by Series/Journal option to find articles by journal title.

Limit by Series/Journal allows you to limit your search for resources to the named series or to articles by the journal title. Use this limit to find items such as articles from the "Bulletin of the World Health Organization."

Limit by Resource Language lists all of the languages in the HRH Global Resource Center. Currently, all resources have an English translation, but this option will allow you to find resources available in additional languages.

Limit by Resource Type allows you to limit your search to a specific resource classification. For example, to find presentations on HIV, select HIV/AIDS as a subject or keyword and use this option to limit resources to presentations. See our general Help document for definitions of the available resource types.

Limit by Date lets you limit the results to resources published between certain dates. Use the first drop down box to set the earliest publication year in which you are interested, and use the second box to set the latest publication year of interest. If you leave the second box empty, the search defaults to the current year as the latest date.