Resource Spotlight: Migration of the Global Health Workforce

screen shot of video on health worker migration
Discussing health worker migration

The current global shortage of health workers impedes access to basic health services around the world. Medical advances and older populations in industrialized nations have led to serious health workforce shortages that are projected to last for decades to come. But within this international shortage, gaping inequities exist between countries. In many poor developing nations, the health workforce crisis is exacerbated by the migration of health practitioners to developed nations, which are increasingly reliant on foreign workers to provide access to health services for their own population.

This five minute video outlines the issues and problems of health worker migration from the perspective of the health worker, the population, and the countries involved in the recruitment and training of the global health workforce. It emphasizes the need to search for ways to mitigate health worker migration's negative effects on countries that need health workers the most. [adapted from publisher]

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