Resource Spotlight: Role of Community Health Workers in Improving Child Health Programmes in Mali

Photo by Mahamadou Traoré
Photo by Mahamadou Traoré

Mortality of children under the age of five remains one of the most important public health challenges in developing countries. In rural settings, the promotion of household and community health practices through community health workers (CHWs) is among the key strategies to improve child health. Compared with health facilities, CHWs are geographically closer and are available when health facilities are closed. As so, they can help ensure that home-based treatment for children is appropriate.

The objective of this study was to assess the performance of CHWs in the promotion of basic child heath services in rural Mali. It gives a better understanding of the contribution of CHWs concerning knowledge and practice of child illness at the household level and the potential barriers and facilitating factors linked to this. [adapted from author]

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