Special Collection: Directorate General of Human Resources for Health Development (DGHRD), Federal Ministry of Sudan


The DGHRD has the national mandate to act as an oversight agency and a reliable reference for strategic and operational issues pertinent to HRH development in Sudan. The role of the directorate is to maintain, improve, and sustain key functions and activities related to the development and well-functioning of the HRH sector. Within this mandate and role, the DGHRD has various functions and responsibilities such as:

  • preparation of HRH policies and guidelines
  • HRH strategic planning and health workforce projections for the country
  • keeping the national database and information on HRH through close patronage and liaison with the HRH observatory
  • capacity development for State HRH departments
  • producing human resource management (HRM) systems and overseeing their implementation
  • mobilizing resources and funding for human resources development
  • acting as a national reference and guidance for linking HRH education to country needs.
  • overseeing principles of equity and fairness in distribution of health workers over the country
  • cordinating HRH training to match the skill needs in the country

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