Resource Spotlight: Guidelines: Incentives for Health Professionals

Guidelines: Incentives for Health Professionals
Guidelines: Incentives
for Health Professionals

The growing gap between the supply of health care professionals and the demand for their services are recognized as a key issue for health and development worldwide. Policy-makers, planners and managers continue to seek effective means to recruit and retain staff. One way to achieve this is to develop and implement effective incentive schemes.

An effective workforce strategy will address the three core challenges of improving recruitment, improving the performance of the existing workforce, and slowing the rate at which workers leave the health workforce. Incentives can play a role in all these areas, providing a means by which health systems can attract and retain essential and highly sought-after health care professionals. Effective incentive schemes also help build a better motivated, more satisfied and better performing workforce.

This paper provides an overview of the use of incentives for health care professionals. It describes some of the different approaches taken and presents characteristics shared by effective incentive schemes. The paper also suggests some approaches to their development and implementation. It is available in English, French and Spanish. [Adapted from author]

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