Indonesian Caregivers Begin Work in Japanese Nursing Homes


Indonesian caregivers recently started working at Japanese nursing facilities. The caregivers were recruited through a Japan-Indonesia economic partnership agreement reached in July, 2008, marking the first time the country has accepted overseas nurses on a full scale basis.

Japan has agreed to accept 600 caregivers and 400 nurses over a two-year period. The initial group of approximately one hundred workers arrived in Japan in August, 2008 for training in the nation’s culture, customs and lifestyles.

The Japanese nursing care industry is chronically understaffed. The Indonesian caregivers will work as caregivers or assistant nurses at hospitals or nursing homes for the elderly, and will receive the same pay as Japanese staff. The Indonesians are licensed to work as caregivers in their native country; they will become eligible to take Japan's national qualification exams after three years of work there.

Adapted from the Japan Times.

For more information on the 2008 Japan-Indonesia Economic Partnership Agreement, please visit the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

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