Innovative Educational Global Forum to be Launched: Seeking University Collaboratives


[GLOBAL] The U.S. Institute of Medicine (IOM) is on track to launch a new Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education in February 2012. The intent of the Forum is to convene stakeholders to illuminate issues in health professional education, and to support an ongoing, innovative mechanism to incubate and evaluate new ideas. This incubator mechanism will be four innovation collaboratives, which will be multifocal, interprofessional and global. The IOM wishes to identify for affiliation four university-based innovation collaboratives: one in the US or Canada, one in Latin America or the Caribbean, one in Africa, and one in Asia. These innovation collaboratives would each represent formal partnerships between at least three complementary academic institutions: a medical school, a nursing school, and a public health school The Institute of Medicine's Board on Global Health is now soliciting proposals from academic institutions to become affiliated regional innovation collaboratives. [adapated from announcement]

For more information, see the annoucement or the request for proposals.

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