Mid-Level Health Workers Online Forum


The Global Health Workforce Alliance is holding a moderated online discussion on mid-level health workers from May 4-18, 2010. The objectives of the discussion forum are to:

  • share evidence and good practice examples relating to mid-level health workers;
  • address policy and programmatic questions of relevance to the topic; and
  • synthesize existing evidence and provide policy-relevant reflections on the mid-level health workers discourse through the production of appropriate knowledge products.

The points of enquiry for the discussion include:

  • Who are mid-level workers? What is their role in broader Human Resources for Health (HRH) and health sector strategies?
  • Can mid-level workers improve distribution of the health workforce and access to services? If so, are there trade-offs with the quality of care provided?
  • What are the most appropriate education and management strategies for mid-level health workers?
  • What accreditation and regulation issues need to be considered? What are the health policy and system factors that enable a successful use of mid-level providers?

Adapted from HRH Exchange discussion announcement.

The HRH Exchange is a virtual discussion platform hosted by the Implementing Best Practices Knowledge Gateway. The HRH Exchange holds regular discussions among health professionals, policy makers and individuals around the world to share experiential knowledge on topical subjects relevant to HRH.

For more information and to join the discussion, register for the HRH Exchange.

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