People That Deliver Global Conference on Human Resources in Supply Chain Management


People That Deliver’s second global conference will take place on October 29-30, 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Registration deadline is October 10, 2014

The conference’s theme, People Must Deliver: Workforce excellence is essential for sustainable health supply chains, will address a variety of sub-themes:

  • Assessment and planning: Assessing HR systems, creating policies, plans and SOPs for an effective and sustainable SCM workforce
  • Leaders and change agents: Engaging powerful stakeholders and SCM leaders to put HR for SCM on the agenda and enact local change
  • Workforce development: Developing the SCM workforce through contextualised pre-service education and continued professional development
  • Increasing performance: Increasing the performance and retention of SCM personnel within an organisational context.
  • Professionalization: Improving education approaches for health logistics and supply chain personnel, and growing professional communities.

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Here is the link to the conference website.
Here is a link to the conference program. (pdf)

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