Guidelines Updated for Warehousing Health Commodities


[Global] The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT has published an updated version of the Guidelines for Warehousing Health Commodities.

“The guidelines are an important reference tool for managers and staff, whether they are constructing a new warehouse, implementing a new warehouse system, or redesigning their current system," the group writes.

These new guidelines are meant for supply chain managers, logistics advisors and warehouse managers.

Per the Deliver Project’s Website:

Proper storage and distribution of medicines and health care commodities are key to well-functioning supply chains. Before commodities are distributed to clients at service delivery points, they undergo various processes, such as testing or repacking into smaller quantities. Maintaining proper storage conditions for health commodities is vital in ensuring their quality.

For more information, please view the website on the new Warehousing Guidelines.

The HRH Global Resource Center also has information on Supply Chain management.

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