Human Resource Management (HRM) Rapid Assessment Tool for Public- and Private-Sector Health Organizations: A Guide for Strengthening HRM Systems




Management Sciences for Health




The Human Resource Management (HRM) Assessment Tool offers a method for assessing what an organization’s Human Resource Management system consists of and how well it functions. The HRM Assessment Tool helps users to develop strategies to improve the human resource system and make it as effective as possible. It can also serve as a basis for focusing discussions, brainstorming, and strategic planning. It is designed to be used in public and private-sector health organizations.

For newly formed organizations, the tool can serve as a guide for developing an optimal HRM system. For established organizations facing changes, such as contracting out services, decentralizing, downsizing, or expansion, the tool can serve as a reference for the types of HRM issues that must be addressed in order to manage change successfully. [author’s description]


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