Role of Networking in Managing Migration of Human Resources for Health in the Philippines




Cuneta-Feliciano JE


HRH Global Resource Center




This paper aims to present the existing HRH problems exemplified by migration in the light of other related issues such as the nurse medic phenomenon, foreign doctors taking up residency training, quality of nursing education, paradoxical enrollment trends in nursing and medicine and the effects of migration on health service delivery. Painting a true picture of HRH migration and its accompanying issues will hopefully provide policy and decision makers a better understanding of the complexity of managing migration in the Philippines and the need for concerted efforts of government agencies and other organizations to address this problem through sound policies on migration and evidence based HRH planning. It is also important to depict HRH development in the Philippines highlighting the different functions and mandates of all government agencies involved in it in order to appreciate the significance of collaborating and creating partnerships among these organizations. This paper also looked into the earlier initiatives to create a similar organization in the past as part of the historical perspective of networking in the Philippines. [from introduction]


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