Health Systems Strengthening and HIV/AIDS: Annotated Bibliography and Resources




Kolyada L


Partners for Health Reformplus




Over the past few years, a united battle against HIV/AIDS has gained momentum worldwide. Non-governmental and community-based programs, national and international organizations—all are confronting the myriad of challenges posed by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. In an effort to provide policymakers, technical personnel, and other stakeholders comprehensive information on the costs of interventions and the impact of HIV/AIDS on health systems, PHRplus has prepared this annotated bibliography. The documents described focus on those aspects of the pandemic most related to the work of the project issues of economic impact, financing and resource allocation, costing, health system strengthening, scaling up antiretroviral therapy, surveillance systems, and program monitoring and evaluation. The bibliography includes summaries of 101 publications describing work done from 1995 to the present as well as a directory of web resources for additional information. This bibliography is not meant to be an exhaustive review, but rather is intended to highlight current information in the evolving field of HIV and health systems strengthening. [abstract]


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