Increasing Immunisation Coverage in Uganda: The Community Problem Solving and Strategy Development Approach






This package includes Summary Document; Introduction to the Approach and Description of Facilitator Training; Facilitators’ Guide: Consultation I; and Facilitators’ Guide: Consultation II. The Community Problem Solving and Strategy Development (CPSSD) activities in Uganda have been designed to help health workers learn to work with communities, understand community perspectives about the services, and encourage community support and participation in the delivery of services, so that immunisation coverage is raised and sustained. Immunisation coverage and drop out rate monitoring have been introduced to help health workers track their progress and provide information to the communities they serve. The community problem solving and immunisation strategy development materials in this package have been developed to contribute to the process of revitalizing the delivery of immunisation services in Uganda. The materials have been developed for use by districts and health sub-district teams. Consultation Facilitator’s Guides I and II are intended for use by district facilitators as they assist health workers to learn how to communicate effectively and work cooperatively with the communities in their service areas. [from introduction]


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