Can Biomedical and Traditional Health Care Providers Work Together? Zambian Practitioners Experiences and Attitudes Towards Collaboration in Relation to STIs and HIV/AIDS Care: a Cross-Sectional Study




Kaboru BB et al.

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Human Resources for Health




The shortage of trained health professionals is among the main obstacles to strengthening low-income countries health systems and to scaling up HIV/AIDS control efforts. Traditional health practitioners are increasingly depicted as key resources to HIV/AIDS prevention and care. An appropriate and effective response to the HIV/AIDS crisis requires reconsideration of the collaboration between traditional and biomedical health providers (THPs and BHPs). The aim of this paper is to explore biomedical and traditional health practitioners experiences of and attitudes towards collaboration and to identify obstacles and potential opportunities for them to collaborate regarding care for patients with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDS. [author’s description]


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