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* News articles this month include:
- MCAI offers maternal health hospital manuals for free

- Call for Abstracts Extended for Social Work Conference

* Resource Spotlights include:
- State of the Social Service Workforce 2015 Report: A Multi-Country Review

- Does mHealth Contribute to Improved Care for People with Non-Communicable Diseases in Developing Countries?

* Open Access publications we’re currently reading:
- African Journal of Biomedical Research
The role of this journal is to serve as a conduit for academic and professional media, covering all research findings within the biomedical sciences including the allied health fields and to put to test the alliance between the private non-governmental sector and members of the academic community in their quest to propagate knowledge.

- African Journal of Health Professions Education
An online, bi-annual, peer-reviewed journal that covers matters related to education for health professionals.

* Interesting blog posts (old and new)
- How HR “best practices” Kill Innovation
Did you ever notice that Human Resource (HR) practices are designed to lock-in the past rather than grow?

- Guess Who Doesn’t Fit In at Work
Across cultures and industries, managers strongly prize “cultural fit” — the idea that the best employees are like-minded. [But cultural fit] has shifted from systematic analysis of who will thrive in a given workplace to snap judgments by managers about who they’d rather hang out with. In the process, fit has become a catchall used to justify hiring people who are similar to decision makers and rejecting people who are not.

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