Resource Spotlight: Overview of Human Resources for Health (HRH) Projection Models

Reviewing health worker data
Reviewing health worker data

Health workforce planning is necessary in order to ensure that trained and knowledgeable health workers are available to deliver health care services when and where they are needed. Ensuring adequate human resources for health (HRH) is crucial in order to continue progressing toward the realization of the Millennium Development Goals. The purpose of workforce planning is to determine the most appropriate balance among the mix, distribution and number of health workers. The aim of this technical brief is to provide a rapid review of different health workforce projection approaches. A list of references serves as a guide for those who would like more information on this subject.

This brief will discuss six different HRH projection approaches, based on a review of the current literature. Although the main unit of analysis in these approaches is the number of health care providers, the method chosen to estimate human resources requirements reflects the political and economic choices and social values of a health system. [from author]

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