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HRH Strategic Planning

Many nations create country-level HRH strategic plans in order to ensure that they can produce the required number and types of key health workers, utilize them effectively and retain and motivate existing health workers.  Several countries have human resource policies and plans as part of national health policies and strategies or as stand-alone documents that would be useful for those involved in the process of HRH strategic planning.

The HRH Global Resource Center has HRH strategic planning guides and examples such as:

Guidelines for Human Resources for Health Policy and Plan Development at Country Level (Draft)

The main aim of these guidelines is to support countries in the human resource development and management process of assessing the human resource for health situation, policy and plan development with the view of achieving some level of comprehensiveness and consistency at the country level. The guidelines discuss HRH processes, situation analysis, policy and plan development with reference to the overall context of national health policies and strategies. These guidelines describe how to formulate, develop, and review HRH situations, policies and plans with the flexibility necessary for each country context. The primary target group includes HRH managers in the Ministries of Health, health facilities and other government ministries such as Education, Planning and Civil or Public Service agencies dealing with the HRH development. [ from introduction]

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National Human Resources Plan for Health to Provide Skilled Human Resources for Healthcare Adequate to Take Care of all South Africans (2006)

The National Human Resource Plan is a national guideline for all stakeholders. It outlines broad issues while taking the lead in some areas in order to facilitate the resolution of some of the chronic systemic challenges facing the health system. In implementing this plan, all stakeholders will be required to adapt to the guidelines expressed here. It is envisaged that there will be a measure of variation between the provinces, because each province must take into consideration the prevailing conditions and demands on its human resource capacity to plan objectively. [ from executive summary]

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Human Resources Strategy for the Health Sector in Eritrea: 2006-2010

The purpose of this strategy is to guide the planning, management and development of human resources for health in Eritrea for the period 2006 - 2014. While much progress has been made with the staffing of the health services in the health sector, there is still more work to be done. There is a general shortage of health professionals, particularly amongst more highly skilled groups. Although geographic distribution is relatively good compared to many countries in Africa, there are still health stations and health centers that are under-staffed. There is a major shortage of midwives, exacerbating the high rate of maternal mortality. [ from author]

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