Stigmatization of Patients with HIV/AIDS among Doctors and Nurses in Belize

This study, conducted from August to September 2007, utilized a population-based survey to investigate stigmatizing attitudes and acts of discrimination against HIV/AIDS patients among doctors and nurses working in public hospitals in Belize. [from abstract]

Working Together for Our Future: Belize's Health Workforce Strategic Plan 2010 - 2014

This important document strives to address the issues and challenges facing the health workforce in Belize and further strengthens the foundation upon which Belize continues to build a vision of quality health care for all Belizeans.[from author]

How Can Faith-Based Organizations Help Address the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Central America?

This research brief outlines a study done Belize, Honduras and Guatemala on the current and potential future role of faith-based organizations in HIV prevention and care. [adapted from author]

Role of Faith-Based Organziations in HIV Prevention and Care in Central America

This report summarizes the findings of an exploratory, qualitative study of FBO involvement in HIV/AIDS in three Central American countries hard hit by the HIV/AIDS epidemic: Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. It provides an overview of the epidemics in each country studied and the range of HIV prevention and care activities conducted by FBOs. Further, it discusses the facilitators of these activities, as well as the challenges to FBO involvement in HIV prevention and care. [from preface]

Better Service for the Client and the Community: Strengthening HIV Training in Belize

Leaders of the University of Belize’s Faculty of Nursing and Allied Health had a vision. Their country has the third highest HIV prevalence in the region, after Haiti and Guyana, yet it lacked an effective system for training providers in counseling and testing. As faculty members, they dreamed of establishing a national training center that would provide the latest resources and trainings for both students and providers. [from author]