Language, Culture and International Exchange of Virtual Patients

This research evaluated whether it would be feasible to use virtual patients (VPs), a learning system designed to simulate encounters between a patient and a healthcare professional, for and educational program in a medical school in Romanian, with cases in English and developed in a non-Romanian setting.

Health Workforce Challenges in Romania

This presentation outlines the main issues surrounding the health workforce in Romania and describes the effects of primary health care reforms.

Financing and Training Needs of Small-Scale Private Health Care Providers and Distributors in Romania

This report assesses the business development needs, particularly financial and training, of private health care providers and distributors of reproductive health and family planning products and services in Romania. [adapted from author]

Health Worker Migration Flows in Europe: Overview and Case Studies in Selected CEE Countries - Romania, Czech Republic, Serbia and Croatia

The ILO Sectoral Activities Department initiated an explorative research project on health worker mobility in Europe with focus on CEE countries. The purpose of the project was to explore and document current knowledge and information available in order to establish the current status, and identify both preliminary trends as well as information gaps and the need for further action.

Romania, Reaching the Poor: Scaling Up Integrated Family Planning Services

This case study examines the scale up of family planning services in Romania through primary care providers. It disucces the process, the challenges, the successful results and the lessons learned.