Rewarding Provider Performance to Enable a Healthy Start to Life: Evidence from Argentina's Plan Nacer

Argentina’s Plan Nacer provides insurance for maternal and child health care to uninsured families. This paper analyzes the impact of Plan Nacer on birth outcomes. The analysis uses data from the universe of birth records in seven Argentine provinces for 2004 to 2008 and exploits the geographic phasing in of Plan Nacer over time. [adapted from abstract]

Working Conditions and Health Care in a "Recuperated" Clinic in Cordoba, Argentina

This work was undertaken to inform the debate on the relationship between working conditions and the provision of health care. We found that the work environment impacts on health care workers as they try to provide a more equitable form of health care. [from abstract]

Equidad de género y calidad en el empleo: Las trabajadoras y los trabajadores en salud en Argentina

Se presentan una serie de recomendaciones de políticas y líneas de investigación que buscan instalar como “campo” de acción y de investigación la producción sistemática de información sobre recursos humanos en salud desde una perspectiva de género. [rusumen]

Output-Based Aid in Health: the Argentine Maternal-Child Health Insurance Program

The Argentine Maternal-Child Health Insurance Program uses an interesting approach of combining output-based contracting with an output-based funding mechanism. Particularly innovative is the combination of enrollment numbers and performance indicators as a way to address the trade off between quantity and quality.