Resource Spotlight: Article Series on Faith-Based Health Care

Photo courtesy of Trevor Snapp,CapacityPlus/IntraHealth International
Photo courtesy of Trevor Snapp,
CapacityPlus/IntraHealth International

An estimated 84 percent of the world’s population is religiously affiliated, the Lancet writes. "Faith is a powerful force in the lives of individuals and communities worldwide."

With this in mind, the medical journal has published a series on Faith-based health care. The journal says its stories build on the, “extensive experience, strengths, and capacities of faith-based organisations (eg, geographical coverage, influence, and infrastructure) offers a unique opportunity to improve health outcomes.”

The series includes three articles and one story open to the public – as long as users provide free registration details.

Please find the Faith-Based health care landing page.

The articles and stories are as follows:

For more information, please see the Faith Based Organizations subject area.

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