Resource Spotlight: Health Workforce Productivity Analysis and Improvement Toolkit

Photo courtesy of Trevor Snapp,<br />
CapacityPlus/IntraHealth International
Photo courtesy of Trevor Snapp,
CapacityPlus/IntraHealth International

The Health Workforce Productivity Analysis and Improvement Toolkit is a process to measure the productivity of facility-based health workers, understand causes of productivity problems, and identify interventions to address them.

Many countries are striving to meet the demand for family planning, end preventable child and maternal deaths, and achieve an AIDS-free generation.The health workforce is critical for ensuring access to high-quality services and improve health outcomes. While increasing the number of health workers where there are shortages is essential, it is equally important to improve the productivity of the existing workforce and make service delivery more efficient.

National stakeholders—including facility managers and health management teams at the district and regional level—can enter and save facility-level data on service delivery outputs and human resources costs. They can then calculate total health workforce productivity and compare rates across facilities. This process differentiates higher-productivity facilities from lower-productivity ones, which through a qualitative assessment can help managers consider which factors are affecting health workforce productivity in the facilities.

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