Resource Spotlight: The Role of Social Service Workforce Development in Care Reforms

Photo courtesy of Trevor Snapp,<br />
CapacityPlus/IntraHealth International
Photo courtesy of Trevor Snapp,
CapacityPlus/IntraHealth International

Protecting children without adequate family care is a challenge faced by families, communities, and governments in every country in the world. Millions of children are separated from their families and living in alternative care even though most have at least one living parent or relative willing to care for them with the right support; countless others are at risk of being
without adequate family care.

This working paper explores the topic of social service workforce strengthening as it relates to child care reform. It is intended to be a useful resource for reform efforts and a practical and accessible overview for use by policy-makers, practitioners, and service providers in contexts that are either considering the implications of care reforms for their social service workforce or are already engaged in a process and are searching for strategies to align and increase the effectiveness of the workforce to implement care reforms.

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