Berkeley Conference on the Global Health Workforce: From Evidence and Research to Public and Health Care Industry Policy


The conference will be held April 4 – 5 in California and will highlight recent research advances that address the lack of evidence in shaping health workforce public and health care industry policy, both within countries and across regions. Topics include how health workforce size, skills mix, and distribution affect health care delivery, as well as policy recommendations that work toward achieving adequate supplies of health workers. New and existing data sources that measure the health workforce’s capacity to meet a population’s health needs will be discussed, as well as techniques for modeling workforce supply- demand dynamics. The conference will also address ways to measure workforce imbalances and the implications of health workforce demographic change and migration on overall supply. Finally, it will discuss how features of the health care delivery system can affect health workforce demand and training, access to care, and quality.

From conference announcement.

For more information and details on how to register, see the conference announcement.

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