Resource Spotlight: Community Home-Based Care for People and Communities Affected by HIV/AIDS: Training Course and Handbook for Community Health Workers

CBHC Handbook
CBHC Handbook: Pathfinder International

This pre-tested and peer-reviewed curriculum focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary for providing holistic Community Home-Based Care (CHBC) for people living with HIV/AIDS, transferring knowledge and skills to caregivers and CHBC clients and mobilizing communities around HIV/AIDS prevention, care, treatment and support. The trainer’s guide includes comprehensive units that cover topics such as: HIV basics; communication skills; nursing care; nutrition; positive living; family planning; HIV prevention; antiretroviral treatment; and community mobilization. The accompanying illustrated handbook provides community health workers with a practical user-friendly tool that can be used as reference material and to aid in transferring skills to clients and caregivers. [publisher’s description]

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