The Role of Human Resources in the Global Health Initiative: An Informal Dialogue


CapacityPlus is hosting an auxiliary event at the Global Health Council 2010 conference on June 16 from 6:30–8:30 p.m. The topics will include:

  • How can activities to strengthen health systems be most effectively integrated with service delivery?
  • What are promising practices for rapid scale-up of health worker education and training?
  • How can the problems of retention and low productivity best be addressed?
  • What are the most effective advocacy strategies for human resources for health?
  • What key indicators should the US Government track?

Join CapacityPlus leaders for an informal, interactive conversation focusing on concrete, practical, and realistic suggestions for addressing the health worker crisis in the context of the Global Health Initiative. Conference registration is required.

Adapted from event announcement.

To RSVP, email CapacityPlus.

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