Resource Spotlight: Predicting the Demand of Physician Workforce: An International Model Based on "Crowd Behaviors"

photo credit: Solene Edouard-Binkl
photo credit: Solene Edouard-Binkl

Appropriateness of physician workforce greatly influences the quality of healthcare. When facing the crisis of physician shortages, the correction of manpower always takes an extended time period, and both the public and health personnel suffer. To calculate an appropriate number of Physician Density (PD) for a specific country, this study was designed to create a PD prediction model, based on health-related data from many countries.

This study provided a regression-based PD model to calculate a "norm" number of PD for a specific country. A large PD discrepancy in a country indicates the needs to examine physician’s workloads and their well-being, the effectiveness/efficiency of medical care, the promotion of population health and the team resource management. [from abstract]

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