Resource Spotlight: MHealth4CBS in South Africa: Role of Mobile Phone Technology for M&E of Community-Based Health Services

MHealth4CBS in South Africa
MHealth4CBS in South Africa

Against a background of growing access to, and increasing enthusiasm for the use of mobile phone technology in health services (mHealth) in low and middle income countries, this study reviewed the potential usefulness of mHealth for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the planned integration of community based health services (mHealth4CBS) in South Africa. The authors specifically sought to understand what the field of mHealth had to offer, to explore how mHealth is implemented in practice and to use these two sources of information to reflect on the lessons and implications for implementing mHealth at scale for M&E of community based services.

The report provides some definitional clarity, situating mHealth in relation to eHealth and other related concepts; highlights the benefits of mHealth as found in the local case studies and literature; and draws attention to gaps in evidence on the effectiveness of mHealth, as well as a number of challenges involved in the implementation of mHealth strategies - particularly as applied to M&E of community health workers. [adapted from author]

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