Resource Spotlight: Increasing Health Worker Capacity Through Distance Learning: a Comprehensive Review of Programmes in Tanzani

Tanzanian telecenter
Tanzanian telecenter

Tanzania, like many developing countries, faces a crisis in human resources for health. The government has looked for ways to increase the number and skills of health workers, including using distance learning in their training. In 2008, the authors reviewed and assessed the country's current distance learning programs for health care workers, as well as those in countries with similar human resource challenges, to determine the feasibility of distance learning to meet the need of an increased and more skilled health workforce.

The object of this study was to determine the feasibility and success of distance learning programs in Tanzania and their ability to help Tanzania meet its human resources for health needs. The findings can be applicable to other countries and resource-limited settings considering implementing distance learning programs as a national strategy to address gaps in HRH. [from author]

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