Resource Spotlight: Learning for Performance: a Guide and Toolkit for Health Worker Training and Education Programs

Learning for Performance
Learning for Performance

Health workers are among the most valuable resources of any health system. Developing a strong workforce requires training health workers to perform their jobs, updating their skills and knowledge to match evolving health needs and helping health workers advance along appropriate and satisfying career paths. Learning interventions are critical components of offering good quality health care services, ensuring that health workers perform to standard and addressing the human resources for health crisis facing many countries.

Learning for Performance is an instructional design process that is targeted to fix a performance problem or gap when workers lack the essential skills and knowledge for a specific job responsibility, competency or task. The Learning for Performance process combines experience in two key areas, performance improvement and instructional design. This process can be used to develop learning interventions of any scale. This manual presents a systematic instructional design process based on IntraHealth International’s experience in designing reproductive health and HIV/AIDS training and performance improvement programs over the last 27 years in countries around the world. Adapted from introduction.

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