Resource Spotlight: Capacity Building: What Does It Mean? Millennium Development Goal 6: Malaria, HIV

Capacity Building for HIV and Malaria
Capacity Building for HIV and Malaria

This presentation was given as part of the Christian Health Association’s Conference: CHAs at a Crossroad Towards Achieving Health Millennium Development Goals. It provides an excellent overview of the challenges of Malaria and HIV/AIDS; discusses the human resource needs in light of these challenges; and how to build and maintain capacity. The author presents information on effective malaria interventions and details the Joint Uganda Malaria Training Programme. This model of malaria training influences both the management and control of malaria and is designed to improve quality of care for patients with malaria through building the capacity of health workers in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of malaria.

The presentation also discusses the human resource needs for ART and outlines a detailed training needs assessment for HIV/AIDS training performed in Uganda. The assessment identified specific skills and knowledge gaps that ART treatment providers face and the best training approaches to meet those needs in the short, medium and long term. Lastly, the autor talks about brain drain from Christian health services and how to sustain these services by adopting a capacity building model.

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