Resource Spotlight: Global HRIS Strengthening: iHRIS Software

iHRIS countries
iHRIS countries

Many developing countries face daunting obstacles to meeting the health care needs of their people. To ensure that the right health care provider is in the right place with the right skills, these countries require current, accurate data on human resources for health (HRH). A strong human resources information system (HRIS) enables health care leaders to quickly answer the key policy and management questions affecting health care service delivery.

The Capacity Project is developing free, Open Source HRIS solutions to supply health sector leaders and managers with the information they need to assess HR problems, plan effective interventions and evaluate those interventions. The project provides a program of technical assistance and expertise to ensure that the technology is transferred effectively and serves the ability of decision makers to use data to lead and manage. The participatory approach results in systems that are appropriate for the context in which they are used and sustainable.

The Capacity Project is developing three core solutions, each addressing specific human resources for health (HRH) leadership issues:

  • iHRIS Qualify: a training, certification and licensure tracking database
  • iHRIS Manage: a human resources management system
  • iHRIS Plan: workforce planning and modeling software

Adapted from Global HRIS Strengthening website.

To read more about iHRIS software and to see the development schedule, visit the Global HRIS Strengthening website.

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