Launch of the Frontline Health Workers Coalition


The Frontline Health Workers Coalition held its official launch on January 11, 2012. The group urges greater and more strategic U.S. investment in frontline health workers in the developing world as the most cost-effective way to save lives and foster a healthier, safer and more prosperous world. The coalition’s vision is that everyone should have access to basic preventative and curative health care by skilled, supported and motivated frontline health workers.

The coalition has brought together 16 global health organizations, 8 corporations, the US government and key influential people - all expressing their commitment to work together to improve the capacity and impact of existing frontline health workers, add 250,000 new frontline health workers with US assistance, and seek ways to most effectively collaborate on the global "one million frontline health worker challenge." The coalition has produced an issue brief: Frontline Health Workers: The Best Way to Save Lives, Accelerate Progress on Global Health, and Help Advance U.S. Interest. [from coalition website and press release]

For more information, see the Frontline Health Workers Coalition website.

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