New Alliance to Address Critical Shortage of Human Resources for Health in Nepal


Twenty-four civil society organizations and non-state actors have formed an alliance to advocate for improving the human resources for health in Nepal. The organizations include the country’s major INGOs, NGOs, donors, professional organizations, educational institutions and heath worker unions engaged in the health sector.

Issuing a press release on Monday, the alliance said it will lobby for evidence-based strategy for human resources for health and its implementation and lobby for increased financial investment to increase the number of health workers, healthcare facilities and sufficient and quality equipment for the facilities. Moreover, the alliance said it will also call for improving the health systems that create the right environment for health workers to work with enthusiasm and efficiency so that no Nepali should die for want of a skilled health worker. The alliance also called for evidence based health policies and strategies that are strongly supported by political authorities and sectoral stakeholders. [from Nepal News article]

For more information, see the news article.

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