Course on Health Systems Through Conflict and Recovery


This course, to be held May 19-31, 2008 in Padua, Italy, will introduce participants to the study of health systems that are going through, or have emerged from, conflict. Participants will learn about measures to ensure delivery of health care in post-conflict environments and about encouraging the recovery of the health care sector.

Some of the goals of the course include:

  • to engage and guide participants in the analysis and discussion of conflict environments and health services within them;
  • to raise awareness about the challenges posed by and the pitfalls incurred in health care provision in conflict environments;
  • to identify and discuss the main patterns and distortions of health systems in crisis, and to conceive realistic measures to tackle them;
  • to introduce participants to post-conflict recovery processes, to the dangers posed and to the opportunities offered by them;

Applications for participation are due March 7, 2008.

Adapted from conference brochure.

For more information and to register, visit the conference website.

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