Course on Health Care in Violent, Unstable Environments


This course aims to introduce participants to the field of providing health care in violent contexts, stressing lessons learned, as well as the mistakes commonly made in such unstable environments. It is intended for health professionals with field experience, but other professionals holding decision-making positions in assistance or emergency programs, or preparing to take such positions, are also welcome.

The course will be held May 14 – 24, 2007 in Padova, Italy at the Doctors with Africa Cuamm headquarters. Applications are due by February 26, 2007. The objectives of the course are to:

  • engage and guide participants in the analysis and discussion of conflict environments and health services within them;
  • raise awareness about the challenges posed by and the pitfalls incurred in health service provision in conflict environments;
  • identify and discuss the main patterns and distortions of health services, and to conceive realistic measures to tackle them;
  • study in detail selected health sectors in crisis, or emerging from crisis;
  • introduce participants to post-conflict recovery processes, to the dangers posed and to the opportunities offered by them;
  • introduce participants to the existing relevant literature and to stimulate the further exploration of the field; and
  • promote and develop contacts and exchanges of knowledge and experiences among health professionals working in the field.

Subjects covered include human resources, health-related resources and planning the recovery of disrupted health sectors.

Adapted from conference announcement.

For more information, see the conference announcement.

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