Virtual Leadership Development Program (VLDP) for Human Resource Managers in Health Accepting Applications


The VLDP, developed by Management Sciences for Health, is a blended learning program that strengthens the capacity of teams of human resource (HR) managers to identify and successfully address HR challenges. This internet-based leadership development program consists of seven learning modules, expert virtual facilitation and a supplementary participant workbook. The program runs for sixteen weeks from January 29 to May 18, 2007.

This VLDP is specifically tailored for teams of HR managers that are addressing the current HR crisis in health. The program requires approximately four hours of individual commitment per week. Team members work independently on the VLDP website with additional support from the program workbook. They also participate in on-site team meetings within their organizations throughout the program. During the VLDP, each team will plan, develop and implement a leadership project on a real HR challenge it is facing. The VLDP has already been successfully offered to over 150 teams in 35 countries worldwide.

HR managers and their teams will:

  • learn and use effective leadership skills;
  • identify key HR challenges within their organizations; and
  • develop and implement leadership projects to address these challenges.

The deadline for applications is December 8, 2006.

Adapted from the VLDP announcement

For more information, see the VLDP announcement and the application form.

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