Nigerian National Health Conference


A conference on the Health in Nigeria in the 21st Century: Sustaining the Reforms Beyond 2007 will be held November 28-29 in Abuja. The focus of the conference will be the development of health system reform, including the role of health in national development, stewardship, resources for health and strengthening health services delivery. Some of the topics specific to human resources for health are:

  • health systems constraints to achieving health Millennium Development Goals;
  • linkage between HRH and education;
  • imbalances, skill shortages, learning opportunities (non formal learning);
  • production of HRH – responsibility at all levels;
  • recruitment, retention and maintenance (motivation);
  • distinction between investing in workforce and paying workers (in-service training, performance management);
  • maximum use of available work force and skill mix;
  • human resource management at facility and ministerial levels;
  • quality assurance in production;
  • ethics of work; and
  • investing in evidence based policy.

[Adapted from conference website]

For more information, see the conference website.

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