Resource Spotlight: Improving the Quality of HRH Information

Improving HRH Information
Improving HRH Information

Despite the importance of accurate information about health service personnel and the context in which they practise, little is known about providers at the community level. At this level, information about the workforce is needed to provide a picture of staff supply, productivity, competence and responsiveness. This information contributes to knowledge about staff performance so that gaps and problems can be identified, interventions planned and the need for additional resources justified. The purpose of this discussion paper, "Improving the Quality of HRH Information: a Focus on the Providers of Maternal, Neonatal and Reproductive Health Care and Services at Community Level in Selected Asia and Pacific Countries" is to describe information flows and gaps concerning the workforce that provide maternal, neonatal and reproductive health care and services at community level; discuss potential stakeholders' HRH information needs and uses; and provide recommendations for improving the availability, quality and use of HRH information. [adapted from author]

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