Resource Spotlight: Handbook for Measuring and Monitoring: Indicators of the Regional Goals for Human Resources for Health

Handbook for Measuring and Monitoring
Measuring and Monitoring HRH

As a self-contained technical instruction manual, this handbook is intended to provide a practical tool to guide the identification and definition of initial baseline data to be collected in order to provide a descriptive profile of countries' human resources for health to facilitate monitoring their progress towards achieving their HRH goals over time. The handbook presents the rationale, clarifies the terms and defines the indicators for each goal. It is intended as a guide for the ministries of health, research groups, and human resources observatory networks to establish the baselines indicators for the goals, and make possible the monitoring of the development in the implementation of human resources plans.

The goals the indicators measure are: build long-range policies and plans to adapt the work force to the changes in the health system; put the right people in the right places, achieving an equitable distribution according to the health needs of the population; promote national and international initiatives for countries affected by migration to retain their health workers and avoid personnel deficits; achieve healthy workplaces and promote a commitment of the health work force with the mission of providing quality services to the whole population; and develop mechanisms of cooperation between training institutions and the health services institutions to produce sensitive and qualified health professionals. [from author]

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